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Long distance relationship,5983 miles apart ♥
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New Entry aku kali tok Cinta Jarak Jauh . Waaa ~ tok aku ngga dri Abg Youtube kita :D Baca jak cya .
5983 miles aparti'm from Singaporeshe's from Sweden
It started with a comment on a picture of mine on Facebook.we added each other on every single social/chat sites.we talk alomost every single night trying to get to know each other closer/better.after a few months we confess to each other about our feelings and get together from then.kissing through the camera,"hugging" the lappy as if we were hugging,pinky promises,showing off everything we bougth/got on that day is like our daily routine.there's some friends of us who doesn't support having this relationship,saying shit and all that,well that doesn't discourage us,we've talk about it and stay strong and always thnk positive that we can make it and show them they're wrong toward our relationship.to see her cry whenever she got problem i try my very best to listen and wishing she was just infront of me so i could wipe her tears off and hug her. the fisrt letter to her was with a friendship wristband,and then some gift for christmas/birthday..i sent her a promise ring too which i could put it on her finger.and i recieved some goods which is artistic and a plush with autographed by bmth*how awesome*it gets so intense when we could not meet almost a year plus.we had ups and down but we manage to overcome every single problems we had.while the time passes by we learned to overcome the distance between us,the temptation of hugging and kissing,the trust we have for each other,to be patient at all times,all this things makes us stronger and looking forward for the first meet up.to be honest her existance really do help me change my life from a kid with not future to a better grown up,mature thinking man.i do appreaciate and treasure all her times spending on her lappy to talk to me.

This is the video that we took on our first meet up,and yeah.it's been the greatest expirience ever in my whole entire life.the feeling when i saw her walk out the gate cant be explained.i cried through my heart with joy/happiness.the feeling i got on that point of time will always be remembered. 

Ish , so sweet cdak duak ya... ^^


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